City Warriors (lost Commodore 64 game; existence unconfirmed; 1990s)

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Front cover art of River City Ransom, a game with a similar concept to this possibly unreleased, or possibly released, but undumped game.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

City Warriors is a Commodore 64 game that was apparently in development in the early 1990s by an unknown company. The game was supposedly advertised on The Complete C64 Guide on page 39. What was displayed on the advert itself is unknown as it has never surfaced on the internet, and trying to look up this guide leads to unrelated things also about the Commodore 64.[1]

Very little else is known about the game. No company has been attached to the game, there's no footage, nor screenshots of the game out there, and no person has come up to have worked on some part of the game. It's not even known as to what the game might've been about, nor as to if it did get released.

The game might've been a beat-em-up similar to games like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, or River City Ransom when fgasking was referred to the name. However, it is possible that it might actually be a rip-off of N.Y. Warriors for the Amiga. These are merely speculations however, the game might actually be completely different from what has been speculated of this game.