Clueless Fashion! (found build of cancelled Nintendo DS game based on comedy film; 2008-2010)

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Cover art for the game.

Status: Found

Date found: 02 Apr 2021

Found by: Ray Mona

Clueless Fashion! (also known as Clueless or Clueless: Girls in Beverly Hills) is an unreleased video game made for the Nintendo DS, intended to be a tie-in for the 1995 comedy film Clueless. The game was developed by Glyphic Entertainment and was set to be published by 505 Games. The game was possibly intended to be released in Europe on February 26th, 2010,[1] with no other planned releases being known (though the game is rated by the ESRB, meaning that a North American release was also likely intended).


The game was initially announced on July 22nd, 2008, when Paramount announced plans to adapt plans to adopt three of their teen comedy films into video games through their Paramount Digital Entertainment division. These included Clueless, Mean Girls, and Pretty in Pink.[2] Development would begin two months later in September, with the game later listed on the ESRB website, wherein it was described as:

"A simulation game in which players assume the role of an aspiring fashion designer who shops, socializes with friends, and coordinates fashion shows. Players can create outfits and select hairstyles for models, as well as instruct them on where to pose on the catwalk."[3]

This description was corroborated by stills seen on Glyphic Entertainment's website, where a brief plot synopsis was also given, with the site describing the plot as:

"The story of a young girl growing from a typical Beverly Hills teenager into a successful fashion designer. The story follows the adventures of Cher Horowitz as she shops, hangs out with her friends and meets many interesting people, one of which is a famous clothing designer who offers her a chance of a lifetime!"[4]

The Nintendo lot check for the English version of the game would be approved in January 2009, with the European version being approved later in June. However, the game would ultimately go unreleased for reasons that will likely remain undisclosed due to an NDA. In spite of this, the game was still listed as being released on numerous sites with the aforementioned release date given, with online rental site Boomerang Rentals even reportedly having the game available for purchase at one point at a price of £17.50.[5]

On March 25th, 2021, YouTuber Ray Mona uploaded a video to her channel in which she revealed that, following interactions with various employees of Glyphic Entertainment (including company president G.R. Moore), she had come into possession of the ROM, assets, and script of the game, along with its instruction manual, style guide, chapter summary, and design document. She then proceeded to make all of these files available publicly over the course of the following week, with the ROM of the game being uploaded online on April 2nd, at which point it was rendered found.




Full playthrough of the game.


Ray Mona's video on her investigation into the game.

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