Cube (lost cut alternate ending of science-fiction horror film; 1997)

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The Cube "ocean" poster.

Status: Lost

Cube, directed and co-written by Vincenzo Natali, is a 1997 sci-fi horror film in which a group of six strangers awake to find themselves in one of a series of strange, interconnected, cubical rooms, half of which are fitted with lethal traps. Ultimately, the group must traverse this disorienting maze-like facility (eventually revealed as being contained within a massive cube itself) to ensure their escape and survival.

In subsequent years, a sequel and a prequel were released (in 2002 and 2004, respectively), although Natali was not involved in the production of either; a remake of the original was announced by Lionsgate in April of 2015, under the title Cubed, though the project is currently on hold.[1]

Alternate Ending

It has been revealed by Natali that there was a scene shot that was to take place at the very end of the film (that some regard as being a short film in itself), revealing what is outside the cube (in the final version of the film, the lone survivor, Kazan, is simply shown exiting the cube and walking into a blinding white light).

According to several eyewitnesses, in certain theatrical screenings of the film, the scene in question was shown; it allegedly depicts Kazan walking out onto a beach (or a cliff's edge, depending on who you ask) on a purple alien planet, overlooking an endless ocean, as mechanical grinding noises are heard. As he turns around, both his footprints and the cube's exit itself vanish; some have also reported that the sky is then shown, full of exoplanets.[2][3][4][5]

Though the aforementioned testimonies of the scene having been shown theatrically have never actually been proven, fans cite a particular Cube promotional poster as further evidence of their claims' legitimacy, wherein a huge cube is shown floating above an ocean. Yet more proof of this apparently lies in a deleted scene that is said to be available on a particular DVD release of the film, in which the group find a candy wrapper with alien writing on it (though others report this scene as only ever having been scripted and that, rather than a candy wrapper, the group finds a type of alien food on the walls).


Natali has allegedly stated that the scene was the first one that he cut and that he subsequently had all known copies destroyed, vowing never to reveal what was outside the cube, in order to keep the mystery intact; it is currently unknown as to whether any other copies remain (perhaps archived by a cast member without Natali's approval, or in the form of a complete copy from one of the film's apparent uncut theatrical screenings), though until such a copy is proven to still exist, it would sadly seem that this scene will remain lost indefinitely.

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