Dean Quixote (found indie comedy film; 2000)

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Dean quixote poster.jpeg

The film's poster.

Status: Partially Found

Dean Quixote is a 2000 indie comedy film created by Orion Walker and Richard Zangrande Gaubert.[1] Little is known about the plot of the movie other than the information gained in the trailer, and from an IMDb reviewer "The tale of a young struggling artist, who doesn't realize they have any talent". The film has had no official release, but must have been screened at least once in 2000, but in 2000 the film had no distributor, and seems it never gained one.[2] The film is rare in that its soundtrack got a wide release before the film had a distributor and was moderately successful.[3] One other song from the soundtrack of the film was released in 2006 as an extra on an album by Robert Schneider, who composed much of the music, "Boats on the water" on his album Expo.[4] The film's website has not been updated since 2009, and the Facebook group for updates to the films wide release has been deleted.


On November 3rd, 2021, it was confirmed that while there is no work to actively release the film, it is likely isn't impossible for it to be released sometime in the future.[5] On November 22nd 2021, it was confirmed by Robert Burnett that the film was being withheld from release because the manager of the band Guided By Voices has not approved the release, even as the band is in the film preforming songs.


Official trailer.

Song from the soundtrack.