EVR Race (lost Nintendo arcade game; 1975)

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EVR Race.jpg

Arcade flyer for the horse racing version of EVR Race.

Status: Lost

After a couple of years of making arcade games using 16mm film, Nintendo released their first true video game in 1975.

EVR Race was a race betting game. It used EVR (Electronic Video Recording) tape, which is basically film, but the frames are scanned and converted into a video display.

Two reels of tape were available: one with horse racing and one with car racing.[1] Players bet on which racer they thought would win and won if they were correct. Since the video was pre-recorded, there was very little interactivity.

Not even Nintendo owns a cabinet, and few tape reels still exist.[2] A partial cabinet, however, was listed on Yahoo! Auctions in November 2016, however it is not available anymore. The tape reels seemed to be intact, but the entire control table is missing and the machine doesn't turn on.[3]

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