Empires of the Deep (partially found unreleased high-budget Chinese-American 3D action-adventure film; 2011)

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Empires of the Deep poster.jpg

Banner of the movie.

Status: Partially Found

Empires of the Deep is an unreleased Chinese American 3D co-production film commissioned by Chinese magnate Jon Jiang to compete with Cameron's Avatar and co-written by Randal Frakes. The direction has been onto multiple directors, notably passed from Jonathan Lawrence to Michael French until Scott Miller respectively. The film is produced with a budget of over $100 million. It is considered one of the most expensive joint productions between the United States and China in history and objectively the most expensive film to ever go unreleased to the public.[1]


Greek mythical aqua-adventure epic based on Poseidon featuring the South China Sea, the story is centered on creatures fighting for power in the deep and unknown 80% of Earth's water also known as Oceans. Mermaids have reigned as the protectors of the Oceans since the creation of Earth, but peace is ruined by betrayal and dark spirits of the deeps: the Reptils.[2]


Director Michael French and stars Olga Kurylenko, Steve Polites, Shi Yanfei, and Jonathan Kos-Read presented a trailer for the film at a press conference held in Beijing on April 27, 2010. Jon Jiang had given foreign journalists a set tour in the following months.[3][4] On June 9, 2010, over one hundred on-set photos from the film were revealed.[5]

A film trailer was released in late 2012 with a 2013 release date and received negative feedback.[6] In January 2016, an updated trailer was released on a Chinese crowdfunding website.


As of August 2023, there are only trailers for the crowdfunding publicly available. The vanity project of the Chinese magnate Jon Jiang remains unreleased, after almost one decade through development hell, going through 4 directors, 3 main character actresses, 10 scriptwriters, and with many of the acting, production, and technical crews, with most reportedly being unpaid for their work. [7]



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