Frankie Stein (lost production materials for unreleased Spark Plug animated film; 2008)

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The logo for Frankie Stein from Spark Plug Entertainment's official website.

Status: Lost

Frankie Stein (not to be confused with the Monster High character with the same name) is a 2008 American CGI film produced by Spark Plug Entertainment and directed by Michael Shelp, known for making infamous animated mockbusters such as A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure, and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale. The only evidence of Frankie Stein's existence was a mention on Spark Plug Entertainment's official website, dating back to November 2008, stating that the film will be released in Spring 2009.[1] However when Spring 2009 passed, Frankie Stein was said to be "in development" and to be released around 2009/2010.[2] The website was never updated after Spring 2009 and was shut down sometime around 2012. No known footage from the film exists online, nor does any production material exists, besides the logo that would be used for the film.

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