Furby Cliffhanger Cartoons (partially lost online animated shorts; 1999-2000)

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Furbys wild adventure title.jpeg

Title card used for the short "Furby's Wild Adventure!".

Status: Partially Lost

Furby Cliffhanger Cartoons were a series of animated shorts hosted on the Furby website from 1999-2003. On the website, they were simply known as "Cliffhangers". The series ran for a year, with 6 episodes being produced. Each episode consisted of 2 parts.


In the series, a Furby or Furby Baby would be thrown into different situations, and the 1st part would end on a cliffhanger. Then, fans could write in a conclusion to the story, which would be part 2.[1] Within a few weeks, the best one would be chosen and animated, and the winner's name would be displayed, along with a message congratulating them.


Most of the cartoons are saved on the Wayback Machine and are also on YouTube. However, some parts of the cartoons remain lost, those being the entirety of The Big Race, Furby In Egypt's first part and Furby Goes Back to School's second part, which have not been confirmed to exist at all.

Title Part 1 Status Part 2 Status
The Big Race Lost Lost
Furby in Space Found Found
Furby Under the Sea! Found Found
Furby's Wild Adventure! Found Found
Furby in the Big City Found Found
Furby in Egypt Lost Found
Furby Goes Back to School Found Existence Unconfirmed


The complete second, third and fourth stories.

The fifth story.

The second part of the sixth story.

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