Gushers Re-Do Your Room (partially found online Flash game; 2005-2009)

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The opening page, depicting Gushers Place.

Status: Partially Found

Gushers Re-Do Your Room or Gushers Place was an online Flash game/website created to promote the Fruit Gushers Re-Do Your Room sweepstakes that took place in the summer of 2005.


Users would enter a lobby room, register a username and password, and were assigned a room number on a random floor. This room could then be customized with a wide array of pre-made furniture. New items could be obtained by entering codes found on specially marked Fruit Gushers snacks. An "Express Elevator" was available to allow quick access to a room you have already registered, and to enter other user's rooms if they had the right floor, room number, and username.

In early 2006 the landing page was updated with an animated Fruit on the Loose button with links to other fruit snacks by General Mills. After the sweepstakes ended, the site remained online for years with no other updates, until it was finally taken down permanently sometime shortly after March of 2009.


The few remaining pieces of evidence of the site's existence come from partial Wayback Machine archives, questions on Yahoo! Answers, and a study on children's advertising done by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. The Wayback Machine has archived the .swf file containing the opening screen and Express Elevator screen. Entering the lobby only returns a black screen, as does use the elevator for any floor, although the latter results in one of several looping soundbites of music and laughing playing, seemingly random depending on floor number. As most of the game's assets were meant to be streamed from General Mill's servers when they were in operation, it is likely the rest of the game has been lost.




A television ad aired for the Re-Do Your Room Sweepstakes.

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