Hetalia: Axis Powers (lost unreleased original FUNimation English dub of comedy anime; 2010)

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FUNimation's DVD cover for the first season of the series.

Status: Lost

Hetalia: Axis Powers is a 2009 short comedy anime that was licensed by FUNimation Entertainment in 2010.

FUNimation's original English dub for the series cast Todd Haberkorn as the character England, while an unnamed voice actor was originally cast as the character Italy. The voice actor for Italy ended up dropping out of the dub during its production, leading Haberkorn to be recast as Italy in the final version of the English dub. His original role as England was replaced by Scott Freeman.

Todd Haberkorn mentioned at a Hetalia convention panel in 2012 that the original dub recordings for the first season are still available at FUNimation somewhere, though it is unlikely they will ever be released.