Jack's Big Show (lost pilot of "Jack's Big Music Show" Noggin children's musical series; 2003)

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Jack, Mel, and Mary.

Status: Lost

Jack’s Big Music Show was a children's musical series featuring puppets. It ran on the Noggin channel from September 12th, 2005 to October 13th, 2007. The series follows Jack, an 8-year old boy who loves to make music. Jack, along with his best friend Mary and pet dog Mel, create music. The trio is often accompanied by other puppets or human musicians. At the end of each episode, a big finale song is performed.

Currently, there are no screenshots, audio, or information about the pilot. It has been confirmed to exist via an interview with singer-songwriter, Laurie Berkner.[1] It has also been confirmed in an interview with American singer-songwriter Cathy Richardson that she had voiced Mary in the pilot.[2] It has also been found, from a resume of the Director of Photography who worked on the pilot, that it was created in 2003 under the name Jack's Big Show and included singer song writer Dan Zanes of the Del Fuegos.