Jackie Chan's Fantasia (partially found English dub of Chinese animated series; 2011)

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Jackie chan fantasia.jpg

Promotional art

Status: Partially Found

Jackie Chan's Fantasia is a Chinese animated series inspired by the actor and martial artist of the same name. Produced by Nanjing Hongying Animation Entertainment, it aired on CCTV for 52 episodes between April 2009 and April 2010.

An English dub was produced in Hong Kong by Red Angel Media for All Rights Entertainment.[1][2] The series debuted on Disney Channel Asia in May 2011.[3][4] Jackie Chan's Fantasia aired later that year in India on SonicNickelodeon. The show's North American rights are held by Synkronized Films.[5]

In 2018, the first 13 episodes were added to Amazon Prime and iTunes.[6][7] It's not known if the remaining 39 will join it.


English trailer.

SonicNickelodeon promo.

SonicNickelodeon promo.