Kao: Mystery of Volcano (found English translation of Kao: Tajemnica Wulkanu; 2007)

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Kao 3 Box AU.png

The Australian box art.

Status: Found

Date found: Sep 2017

Found by: RibShark

Kao: Tajemnica Wulkanu (also known as Kao: Mystery of Volcano) is a 2005 3D platformer game created by Tate Interactive and published by Cenega. You play as Kao, a kangaroo, who must collect four artifacts to overcome evil forces from inside a volcano to save his friend.


While many believe the game to have only ever been released in Polish, the game was also widely released in Russian in 2006. In addition, translations of the game were found in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Basque, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch and French, published by varying companies in each region. These translations, however, were not very widely released. Evidence existed for an English version, however, no solid proof was found of its existence until September 2017.

Evidence of an English Version

  • In the Russian version of the game, an incomplete English translation has been found contained in one of the files.
  • The game has been officially rated for release in Australia, under the title Kao: Mystery of Volcano, and published by Auran Games (who also published Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 in Australia).
  • A YouTube video published on Tate Interactive's YouTube channel has the English title Kao: Mystery of Volcano.
  • An English logo and description of the game was once featured on Tate Interactive's website.
  • In the installers for the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian versions of the game, a graphic featuring an English logo can be found.
  • A Google Search for Kao: Mystery of Volcano shows an eBay listing from Australia selling the game as "KAO MYSTERY OF VOLCANO". The listing has since been taken down, presumably because it was sold.
  • A virus scan report posted on a public forum shows that a program is installed in the directory "C:\Program Files\Kao - Mystery of Volcano Island".
  • In late June 2017 Tate Multimedia's page was updated to include descriptions of all of their published games, including Kao: Mystery of Volcano. On this page a high-resolution English logo can be found, claiming that the title was published for the Wii alongside the PC in 2009.


In September 2017 Lost Media Wiki user RibShark found a copy of the game for sale. It contained a full (albeit poor) English translation without dubbing. He bought it and uploaded it to Adventure Legends where it is currently available.


Trailer for Kao: Mystery of Volcano.

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