Knights in Armor (lost arcade game; 1976)

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Photo of arcade cabinet.

Status: Lost

Knights in Armor was an arcade game developed by the company Project Support Engineering, or "PSE" for short. There is only one known owner of a cabinet named "Seth Soffer", who runs a museum of various arcade machines from the 70's called "Arcade 72". The game runs on discrete logic hardware that would be difficult to emulate, but the graphics are possibly stored on a ROM chip which can be dumped. The game's graphics are gray monochrome but displayed on a green monochrome screen.


The game has 2 players in a jousting match, a player must rotate their lance in the right angle to hit their opponent before the horses start moving. For such simplistic gameplay, this is technically considered the first ever game about martial arts, with Heavyweight Champ debuting in October of the same year.


The footage by the owner

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