Lavender Hill Mob (partially lost songs from music group; 1990s-2000s)

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A picture used on an capture of LHM's page from 2000.

Status: Partially Lost

Lavender Hill Mob, also known as LHM, was a music group active mainly in the early 2000s. They are most well known for creating the song Endless Handbag, which was the theme song for Newgrounds for some time. Lavender Hill Mob was one of many artists whose music was seemingly mostly lost when was bought out.

Known Music

Flocking The Cat Toll (Album)

Flocking The Cat Toll is the album from which the song "Endless Handbag" originates. Its album cover is lost, however, the actual music from the album has been found. It's not known when this album was released, though it is assumed, probably incorrectly, to have been released around 2000. It can be downloaded here.

Smooth Sailing (Song)

A demo version of smooth sailing has been found, however, the full version is still lost. The demo version of smooth sailing can be downloaded here, from a capture of on

Hard Futon Song (Song)

A song found from an old capture of

It can be downloaded here -*/