Limelight (partially lost footage of The Tragically Hip live performance; 1994)

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Limelight Single.jpg

Single cover of Rush's version of the song.

Status: Partially Lost

The Tragically Hip and Rush are two of the biggest rock bands that Canada has produced. In 1994, just as The Tragically Hip's star was rising and their ubiquity on Canadian rock radio was reaching its zenith, Rush was transitioning into the role of elder statesmen. The dynamic was encapsulated at the Juno Awards honoring Canadian music in 1994, with The Tragically Hip briefly shown playing a cover of Rush's song "Limelight" as the latter was inducted into the Recording Arts Hall of Fame as "old farts".[1]

Devoted fans of the Hip have wanted to hear the full recording for years since, with the Hip Museum website having discovered a request to the band to release it in an old 1990s fanzine.[2] The band responded saying that the only copy of the recording was given to the members of Rush, which makes it extremely unlikely to ever surface.


The clip of The Tragically Hip's "Limelight" cover shown in 1994.