Love Letter: My True Feelings (lost builds of cancelled stealth-action video game; 2020)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its references to grooming and sexual harassment.

Proposed logo for Love Letter: My True Feelings.

Status: Lost

Love Letter: My True Feelings is a canceled stealth-action video game developed by Dr. Apeis in 2020. The game is infamously known for its controversial development history and its comparison towards another game called Yandere Simulator.

The game was originally announced in July 2020 under the name of Lovesick, with a trailer being uploaded on YouTube, claiming to be a revamped version of Yandere Simulator that was done in 2 weeks. The project ended up gaining a lot of attention when the trailer premiered, however, it also got the most attention from the Yandere Simulator team, including its developer YandereDev, which criticized the trailer for using most of Yandere Simulator's assets and characters, this later led to YandereDev to enter an argument with Dr. Apeis over the game. After most of the conversations were leaked online, this caused Love Letter's support to increase.[1] The trailer was later removed from YouTube due to a copyrighted music track (it would be later be reuploaded with no audio) and Dr. Apeis later announced that all Yandere Simulator-related assets would be replaced with original assets and that Lovesick would be renamed to Love Letter: My True Feelings. Dr. Apeis would later upload gameplay previews and progress reports of Love Letter on his YouTube channel.


In August 2020, it was documented that there have been several dramas within the Love Letter team, such as slandering, doxxing, dislike-bombing, and team mismanagement. It was also made clear that Love Letter was built from other failed projects created by Dr. Apeis and his partner, one of them being called Heartbreak, however, it would also come to light that Dr. Apeis has groomed and sexually harassed a 10-year-old through several explicit conversations as explained in a document. [2] [3]

As a result of all the drama and allegations, Dr. Apeis uploaded a video announcing the cancellation of Love Letter on September 23, 2020, claiming that he canceled it because it was affecting his mental health. Apeis concluded saying that he and the rest of the team will take a long break. Apeis would later return with a video explaining his entire story, and would later upload some gameplay videos before they were deleted due to backlash, leaving his channel abandoned until it was deleted.


During the game's development, no builds of Love Letter (and the original Lovesick version) have ever been released. In 2021, Dr. Apeis deleted all of his social media, including his YouTube channel, and has since disappeared from the internet, which made it very unlikely for a playable build of the game to surface anytime soon.



Trailer for the project (as Lovesick)

Lovesick Gameplay

Renaming announcement video

Dr. Apeis announcing the cancellation of Love Letter.

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