Luigi's Mansion (found full FMV of SpaceWorld 2000 trailer for GameCube action-adventure game; 2000)

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A screenshot of the FMV.

Status: Found

Date found: 24 Nov 2021

Found by: Adam Doree

Luigi's Mansion is a 2001 action-adventure game for the GameCube, developed and published by Nintendo. The game is a spinoff to the Mario franchise, featuring Mario's brother, Luigi exploring a mansion full of ghosts after winning a contest he never entered. The game was released in Japan on September 14th, 2001, November 18th, 2001, in North America, and May 3rd, 2002, in Europe and received generally positive reviews. However, in 2000, A tech demo was only shown at SpaceWorld 2000 and never shown again outside of Japan, becoming lost to the general public.


Luigi's Mansion was the first to be shown as a tech demo for SpaceWorld 2000. The animation was made using GameCube's hardware with some of the animation used for the E3 2001 trailer.[1] The demo starts with a b-roll of the mansion and then shows the early parlor of couches, a fireplace, and a TV with three ghosts. Luigi then enters the mansion and looks at the camera before showing a ghost taunting him. Luigi then screams with two ghosts peeking at what's happening before showing three ghosts playing 5-Card poker at the parlor. The ghosts then chase Luigi before surrounding him, being terrified. It then cuts to show Luigi outside the mansion with a gloomy face.


The full tech demo was shown on a site called "GamerWebb." The footage will be there until 2003 when the site was closed for a new site called "Kikizo." An archive of Kikizo was found that contains old things from their archive but nothing about the SpaceWorld 2000 tech demo. Only 8 seconds of the footage was available online, sparking a search for this tech demo.

Eventually, users, Jimi Jaden, Bluefire Sorcerer, and Petabyte contacted the creator of Kikizo/GamerWebb, Adam Doree if he still had the footage. He still had the footage and released the video onto his YouTube channel on November 24th, 2021, rendering it found.[2]




The entire FMV.

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