Mondo TV's The Trash Pack (partially found cancelled English dub of Italian animated series; 2012)

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Trash pack mondo tv logo.png

The logo for Mondo TV's Trash Pack animated series.

Status: Partially Found

Mondo TV's The Trash Pack was an animated series collaboration created by Australian toy company Moose Toys and Italian animation company Mondo TV, based on Moose Toys' blind bag toyline of the same name.

In mid-2011, an announcement for the cartoon was made in various licensing press coverage websites. During this announcement, the series announced it would release in fall 2011 in Italy and Greece, and a planned English dub in spring 2012.[1]

Various sources have listed both 52 13-minute episodes[2] and 26 13-minute episodes[3] in terms of possible episode amount. Only seven episodes have been discovered, with all seven having a Greek dub[4] and a Spanish dub.[5]

The only English footage has come from an upload of the theme song by Giovanna Bonomo, the composer of the show. An Internet Archive link to an English version of the website for the cartoon also exists, albeit with broken images and links.[6] The series itself appears to have been animated with an English audience in mind, as signs in the show, despite the dubs, are written in English.[7]


English version of theme song.

Demo footage of the show.