My Little Pony: Adventures In Daming Palace (partially found recordings of hologram stage show; 2021)

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The poster for the stage show.

Status: Partially Found

My Little Pony: Adventures In Daming Palace, also known as My Little Pony: The Adventures of Daming Palace or just My Little Pony: Adventure, is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic projection/hologram stage show released in August 2021 at Daming Palace in China.


My Little Pony: The Adventures of Daming Palace was produced by Motowei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and was held in the cultural digital experience center of Daming Palace National Heritage Park in Qujiang, Shaanxi Province. It was run by Holokids, who'd last year made another pony stageshow called My Little Pony: The Sonic Rainboom. Unlike Crown of Friendship, another Chinese exclusive stageshow using costumes and puppets, this show was created using holograms, and apparently had interactive elements that you could activate via moving, touching the screens/holograms, or "magic painting."[1] It's said to run around 20 minutes and unlike The Sonic Rainboom, which was based off of the IDW comics Micro Series Issue #2, Adventures of Daming Palace had an entirely unique plot as well as featuring new characters.


The story revolves around the Mane 6, Spike, and Discord searching for the lost Elements of Harmony, using Magic Notes (seemingly enchanted scrolls) to travel from Ponyville to the Tang Dynasty and Daming Palace along with a new character created for the play, Tang Bao. While at the palace, they meet many historical figures from China's history, such as Tang Taizong, Wu Zetian, Princess Taiping, Tang Minghuang, Yang Guifei, Li Bai, and others. While there, the ponies "find harmony while helping them solve their problems, and become a witness of history."


The stage show has not and likely will not be ported to the U.S. due to its heavy focus on Chinese culture as well as most U.S. theaters not having the technology required to play said show. Along with this, no recordings of the show, with or without subtitles, have surfaced. There are multiple promotional stills, and a brief teaser with no audio that lasts for 8 seconds uploaded on Billibilli.[2]


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