My Little Pony "Rainbow Ponies" (partially found production material of cancelled special of animated TV series; 1984-1985)

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The Katrina cover art.

Status: Partially Found

After the success of the original My Little Pony special - which would later be known as Rescue at Midnight Castle - in 1984, there were plans for another animated special. This Unreleased My Little Pony Special was to involve the Rainbow Ponies and bring back several of the cast from the first episode.

No such special was released, instead, another one-off is known as Escape from Katrina was created.[1] The only footage that survives is ten seconds of footage seen at the end of a VHS for Rescue at Midnight Castle.

It has been speculated that this special has been canceled and retooled due to some negative feedback by parents on Rescue at Midnight Castle, complaining about its surprisingly dark moments.

There is a European VHS cover for the Escape from Katrina special that has nothing to do with the actual special. It's speculated that this was based on the Rainbow Ponies special as a few of the ponies appear on the cover. A prototypical incarnation of Megan and her little brother Danny both appear on the cover as well. Danny, who would later co-star in the My Little Pony 'N' Friends series, appears riding an older, winged version of Spike.




A Spanish commercial for the Rainbow Ponies toys that potentially uses footage from the special.

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