My Little Pony: The Rainbow Sonic Boom (partially found recordings of hologram stage show; 2020)

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A promotional image for the stage show.

Status: Partially Found

My Little Pony: The Rainbow Sonic Boom, also known as My Little Pony: The Sonic Rainboom, is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic projection/hologram stage show released in September 2020 in Chengdu, China.


My Little Pony: The Rainbow Sonic Boom was a hologram stage show that ran from September 25th to October 25th of 2020. The show was shown in Chengdu Wanda Plaza (Jinhua Store). It's mentioned in an article that it might have been part of a larger My Little Pony themed festival or event, as it was mentioned that there were shops and other performances at the event.[1]


The Rainbow Sonic Boom is an adaptation of one of the IDW My Little Pony Comics, specifically MLP Micro-Series Issue #2- Rainbow Dash. In this comic, as well as the play, Rainbow Dash is trying to stop a pair of cloud gremlins named Big Boy and Runt from wreaking havoc across Ponyville with their storm clouds.


The stage show has not and likely will not be ported to the U.S. due to most U.S. theaters not having the technology required to play said show. Along with this, no full recordings of the show, with or without subtitles, have surfaced. While this play has the least image-wise out of all three stage shows, it has a 40 second demo clip that lacks subtitles.[2]


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