MysteryDisc: Many Roads to Murder (lost interactive murder mystery movie sequel; 1983)

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Many roads.png

A screenshot from the 22 second clip that has been found.

Status: Lost

Many Roads to Murder was the sequel to the interactive LaserDisc game Murder, Anyone?. It was initially set to be released in the USA in 1983, but due how unsuccessful LaserDisc was as a medium, it only saw development and release for a Japanese market.

22 seconds of the American version have been found, featured in a news story that was uploaded to Youtube in 2014.

4 screenshots have also been found, along with photos of box art and the user manual, from the Japanese release. These were found on a site cataloging Japanese tech magazine MSX, where Many Roads to Murder is said to be mentioned in the July, August, September, October, and December issues of 1984, and the January and March issues of 1985.

The plot is unknown, but it is said to follow a similar story to the first game in the series, Murder, Anyone?, centering around a detective trying to solve a murder case.

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