Nightmare Ned (found Disney animated TV series; 1997)

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Nightmare Ned Title Card.png

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various people

Nightmare Ned was a television series created by Terry Shakespeare, G. Sue Shakespeare and David Molina. It was a joint production between Walt Disney Television Animation and Creative Capers Entertainment. It was developed by Walt Dohm and produced by Donovan Cook, who before created the show 2 Stupid Dogs. The show spawned a Disney Windows PC game of the same name and was released around the same as the show. However, it ran very briefly on ABC from April 19th to August 9th, 1997. It had a total of 12 half-hour episodes, usually consisting of two segments, while episode twelve had three segments. The show was cancelled mainly due to the episodes often running over budget, and the creator of the show Walt Dohm had creative differences with the producer Donovan Cook. "It never really had a good chance to find its target audience."[1]


The show revolves around a ten-year-old boy named Ned Needlemeyer, voiced by Courtland Mead, facing his daily problems through his crazy nightmares involving things like his school crush, to going to the dentist, to school bullies as well. His mom and dad, voiced by Victoria Jackson and Brad Garret, respectively, try to help Ned cope with his problems.[2]


The show, unfortunately, has never received any home media release, along with no reruns. The show will likely never be shown on TV again because ABC-Disney wrote the show off as taxes, similar to other failed shows. Despite this, all episodes of the show have been found online in English, with most episodes found in the Greek dub before the English dub. As of today, all the episodes have been found and can be viewed.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Ned's Life as a Dog/A Doll's House Found
2 Robot Ned/Dapper Dan Found
3 Monster Ned/The Ants Found
4 Magic Bus/Until Undeath Do Us Part Found
5 Headless Lester/My, How You've Grown Found
6 Tooth or Consequences/Show Me the Infidel Found
7 Willie Trout/House of Games Found
8 Girl Trouble/Canadian Bacon Found
9 Abduction/Bad Report Card Found
10 Testing...Testing.../The Accordion Lesson Found
11 Along for the Ride/Steamed Vegetables Found
12 Lucky Abe/The Dentist/The Ballad of Vernon & Conrad Found



The show's intro.


MeltingMan234's video on the subject.

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