OnNetworks webseries (partially found internet content; 2006-2009)

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Former logo for the company.

Status: Partially Found

OnNetworks is a now-defunct media company founded in late 2006, best known for their surviving web series Play Value and "The Five Minute Drill". Both of these aforementioned shows have still (mostly) survived, with their YouTube channels still listing their videos. However, much of their content is still missing. Some YouTube channels now lost content still survive, but all videos have been deleted or private. Since the company closed down in 2009, their website has expired, with no plans to relaunch or re-release any of the lost content. The Play Value channel reuploaded the Play Value series (produced in 2007) in April 2011 - Some of these videos have also been removed since then - Either by some sort of Copyright or done by the administrator of the account. The Play Value channel has also been active in 2013, as their favorites were modified that year. The 5MinuteDrill's favorites were also modified in 2013, though the channel hasn't been active since 2008. This could prove that there is still active moderator(s) on these channels.

As well as the channels for select content, another channel, named HD Networks has also uploaded OnNetworks content, though this is just reuploads of Play Value (with the "OnNetworks.com" Intro jingle and Xbox Live advertisements throughout). It is unknown if HDNetworks is owned by OnNetworks, former staff or otherwise, as the channel has not been active since 2009. The empty channels, such as "golftips" favorite were also altered at the same time - September 2013.

Judging by a Wayback Machine archive dated March 2008, we can see that OnNetworks had many shows - Many of these shows are lost, as the player doesn't work in the Archive or the page is missing. 2 of these series - Golf Tips With Joe Beck and Draftguys TV still have YouTube accounts, but with no videos. Taking in the fact that Playvalue and 5MinuteDrill have YouTube channels, we could assume the original producers or former staff of OnNetworks TV reuploaded OnNetworksTV content to the much more popular YouTube. It is unknown if other shows have or had YouTube channels.

However, a majority of OnNetworks' programming is completely gone. The only people who could own these videos could be former OnNetwork employees, the original producers, and creators or those who have downloaded the videos. However, with the use of OnNetworks' unique media player and state of videos downloaders at the time, it would be hard to track down any. Some shows from OnNetwork (such as Play Value) have also been aired on local US TV - If any other OnNetworks shows were put on these local stations, some could be salvaged by those who recorded them via their TV DVRs.

A few people have asked for these shows to be uploaded or rebooted in a new series. One of the most popular requests is for Play Value to be renewed - 10 years later. Looking through an archived discussion, we can find that OnNetworks cancelled the series, with no plan to make more episodes - A forum and petition site were created, though these are not archived. It is unknown if OnNetworks still owns any of the shows, and have the authority to re-release them.