Professor Layton and the Mansion of the Deathly Mirror (partially found Professor Layton mobile game; 2008-2014)

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The game's main title screen.

Status: Partially Found (2008 Original)
Lost (2009 REMIX)

Reiton Kyōju to Shikyō no Kan (Japanese: レイトン教授と死鏡の館 Translated: Professor Layton and the Mansion of the Deathly Mirror) is a spin-off game to the Professor Layton series of games. It was developed by Level-5 for i-mode flipphone services and launched October 2008.[1]

The Professor Layton franchise is a puzzle adventure series developed by Level-5, originally on the Nintendo DS/3DS. Since then, some Layton games have been remastered for mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch.[2] As of 2016, the series has sold 15.5 million units worldwide.[3]

The game was available for all who were subscribed to a service called "Mobagetown". It was first unveiled at "LEVEL5 VISION 2008", where participants could get serial ID cards and play the game for free starting October 9th. For people who did not participate in the event, only the first chapter was available until October 29th, when all chapters were released for free.[4]

2009 Rerelease

On June 1, 2009,[5] the game was re-released under the name Professor Layton and the Mansion of the Deathly Mirror -REMIX- for ROID services and later as a part of Layton Mobile R, when the service was merged with ROID. This version is identical to the 2008 release, but instead of reusing puzzles from previous entries in the series, it features completely original puzzles.[6]


As of October 31st, 2014, Layton Mobile R is no longer available to download. No copy of the game, be it the 2008 original or 2009 re-release, has been retrieved since then. Only video recordings and promotional images have.[7]

In 2023, raw gameplay of the 2009 re-release started being uploaded on YouTube[8]

On February 2nd, 2024, the first three chapters of the 2008 original version were found and dumped.


The plot of the game focuses on the titular Professor Hershel Layton and his apprentice Luke Triton being called to the unveiling of a so-called "Deathly Mirror", which is supposed to let you speak to the deceased. Upon arriving, the two find that Inspector Chelmey, another recurring character from the series, is also in attendance. The host's butler, Randy, introduces himself and brings the duo to a dining room, where they meet other guests. Murdoch, the host of the unveiling, comes in and introduces himself. As the mirror is unveiled, Feldin, an attendant, questions its validity and mocks Murdoch. Shortly after, Feldin's grandmother appears in the mirror. Later that night, Murdoch is killed in front of the mirror, and it's up to the Professor and Luke to uncover the truth behind the murder.



Things no one cares about's video on the subject.

Low quality footage of the game being played.


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