Professor Layton Mobile R (lost FOMA 903i/703i updated port of puzzle adventure series games; 2012-2014)

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Logo from a promotional image of Professor Layton Mobile R.

Status: Lost

Professor Layton Mobile R (レイトン教授モバイルR ) was a re-release of Professor Layton Mobile. Released in 2012, this app provided multiple games, as well as music, exclusive art, and other exclusive content. It was available only for docomo's FOMA 903i Series/703i series phones, as well as some later models.[1]

The known games included on this app were as follows:

  • Professor Layton and the Mansion of the Deathly Mirror (レイトン教授と死鏡の館).
  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village (Flip Phone port with exclusive new puzzles).
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (Flip Phone port with new exclusive puzzles).
  • ルーク少年のナゾブック (Luke's Puzzle Book).
  • ルーク少年のナゾブック2 (Luke's Puzzle Book 2).
  • チェルミー警部の事件簿 (Inspector Chelmey's Casebook).
  • キャバ嬢っぴ (Miss Kyaba) a simulation game about becoming the producer of an up-and-coming hostess, who aims to be number 1.[2]
  • スローンとマクヘールの謎の物語 (The Mysterious Story of Sloan and McHale) a point and click adventure game about a detective.
  • スローンとマクヘールの謎の物語2 (The Mysterious Story of Sloan and McHale 2) the sequel to the previous game.
  • ホットロイトストーリーズ (Hot Reuters Stories) A Ni No Kuni spinoff RPG.[3]
  • LBX (Little Battlers Experience) A game about bot fighting.[4]
  • A flip phone version of Inazuma Eleven Dash.[5] Unknown if this is just a port, or if it was a completely new original game.

The app also had exclusive artwork.


The service was discontinued on October 28th, 2014.[6] None of the games have been archived, and only a few screenshots and videos have been saved.




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