Rescue 911 (partially lost episodes of seventh season of CBS docudrama series; 1996)

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Rescue 911 Season 7

Status: Partially Lost


This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its detailing of segments that may be too violent, graphic, or disturbing to readers.

Rescue 911 was a docudrama television series that aired for seven seasons on CBS from 1989 to 1996. It contained re-enactments (and occasionally real footage) of emergency situations that often involved calls to 9-1-1. Episodes usually consisted of four self-contained stories (i.e., segments).

The show was cancelled in May of 1995 at the end of its sixth season, but six new episodes had already been completed for the seventh season, so CBS ordered several more episodes to allow Rescue 911 to function as midseason replacement programming. The majority of Season 7 aired from February to May of 1996, with the final three episodes postponed until that August. The series never received a DVD release. Syndicated re-runs have aired on several networks since the show's cancellation and are still shown on the streaming service PlutoTV (as of 2023). However, Season 7 was never put into syndication, meaning that the episodes aired only once or twice in 1996 and were never shown again on American television.

The Missing Episodes

Much of Season 7 has surfaced online, but due to the show's segmented format, it is often uploaded as individual segments rather than full episodes. Certain segments from four of the episodes are still missing.

Episode #/
Air Date/
Production Code
Segment Descriptions Status
Season 7, Ep. 8
March 28, 1996
pc: 626
A warehouse worker is standing next to a shelf holding two tons of stainless steel beams. His co-worker on the opposite side tries to pick up some of the beams with a forklift, causing the shelf to tip over and fall on top of him.[1][2] Partially Found
A man has a heatstroke while dirt biking with his stepson in the desert. Found
A teen hiker is swept over a waterfall. Found
A collie alerts a mother when a baby stops breathing. Found
Season 7, Ep. 9
April 4, 1996
pc: 712
Guitarist Worth Wagers is electrocuted during a garage rehearsal with his band, The Moviegoers. Found
A Redding, California mother is stabbed in her home by her estranged husband. Their daughter calls 911 while the mother runs to the neighbor's house for help. The neighbors then return to the house to get the daughter.[1][3][4]
(View preview 1) (View preview 2)
A woman is run over by a covered wagon. Found
A Florida medical helicopter picks up victims of a car crash on an Interstate highway.[1][5] (View preview) Lost
Season 7, Ep. 10
April 11, 1996
pc: 710
A man with a gun and bomb takes hostages in the Salt Lake City public Library; one of the hostages is a plainclothes police officer posing as a civilian.[1] An incomplete version that runs about 7 minutes has surfaced online, but it is missing a large chunk out of the middle (the cut occurs at 3:50). The complete version of the segment runs approximately 12 minutes. The Brazilian version of the episode has also surfaced online, but the audio is dubbed over in Portuguese. The complete English version is still missing.
(View partial English version) (View full Portuguese version)
Partially Lost
A woman delivers her baby prematurely in her car with the help of her husband and a neighbor. Found
A snowmobile falls into a fissure on a glacier in Iceland. Found
A pet lizard bites down on a boy's finger and won't let go. Found
Season 7, Ep. 14
August 20, 1996
pc: 713
An overturned tractor pins a 17-year-old boy underwater in a muddy roadside ditch.[1][6] The Brazilian version of the episode has surfaced online, but the audio is dubbed over in Portuguese. The original English version is still missing. (View the Portuguese version) Lost
A girl gets her finger stuck in a desk at school. Found
A police dog is shot by a robbery suspect after a high-speed van chase. Found
A boy is trapped under the root ball of a fallen tree. Found


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