Scoop And Doozie (partially found CBC puppet show; 1999-2002)

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Scoop and doozie first adventure dvd front.jpg

Cover of the DVD.

Status: Partially Found

Scoop and Doozie was a children's puppet show that aired on CBC from 1999 to 2003, the show was about the everyday lives of Doozie, an orange toy bulldozer, Scoop, a yellow toy excavator, and Axel, a blue and red dump truck. The show also featured live-action segments that would teach kids about the world of construction and machinery.[1]

Show Format

The show started with the three machines, Axel, Scoop, and Doozie, doing something together when they encountered a problem. Upon this problem, they sometimes would go to the basement window of the house of the yard where the machines lived and watch the owner of the house doing something to solve a similar problem. Other times the machines would go over to the fence posts to watch Fence TV (a video of real machines screened through a knothole). When the basement/Fence TV segment was done, the machines used what they had seen and heard to apply to the problem they had encountered.


According to the official archived website for the show, 65 episodes exist.[2]

2 VHS tapes and 1 DVD exist featuring episodes of the show,[3][4][5] there are also a handful of episodes on YouTube. Refer to the charts below to see what episodes are out there.

Season 1 Episode Name Status Additional Notes
1 My Way or The Highway Found On YouTube and DVD.
2 Pirate Treasure Found On VHS, Internet Archive and YouTube.
3 The Boat That Wouldn't Float Lost
4 Pretty Strong Found On YouTube and DVD.
5 A Nice Change Lost
6 Nothing Springs to Mind Lost
7 Some Bunny Like Me Lost Doozie's appetite for mud pies gets the better of him once again. Mistaking Andy's pet rabbit for the Easter Bunny, he sends it off in search of treats. If Doozie'd only known what lengths he'd have to go to get it back!

Bronze, Columbus International Film and Video Festival.

8 Huff and Puff Lost
9 Mad as a Dozer Lost Doozie's in a really bad mood. Scoop and Axel do everything they can to jolly him out of it. By the time they find the one thing that works, though, they're ready to blow their stacks too.

Gemini Nominee for Best Performance in a Preschool Series.

10 Waiting for Go Dozer Lost
11 Spitting Image Lost
12 Budding Friendship Lost
13 Stop Thief! Lost
14 Au Revoir, Underpants Found Jacques' surprise birthday becomes a going-away party when Mrs. Cobb threatens to throw him into the ragbag. The toys are devastated - but determined to give the underwear some wonderful memories to take with him. It's a sad day - until Mr. Cobb sneaks in and sews his favorite underwear up, good as new.
15 Search and Rescue Lost
16 Remotely Interested Lost
17 Axel's Big Tow Lost
18 Oil's Well but Ends Well Lost
19 Sign of Affection Lost
20 Fence Potato Lost
21 For the Birds Lost
Season 2 Episode Name Status Additional Notes
1 The Toys That Bind Found On YouTube.
2 Brief Flight Lost
3 Magnetic Personality Lost
4 Star Vehicle Lost
5 Fit to Be Tied Lost
6 Bored Silly Lost
7 Double Scoop Lost
8 Music to My Gears Lost
Additional Episodes Episode Name Status Additional Notes
1 Hide and Seek Found On YouTube, DVD, And VHS.
2 The Clean Machine Found On YouTube and DVD.
3 What Rubbish! Lost Scoop is devastated when it looks as if her latest masterpiece got picked up with the trash. Doozie and Axel have to find it for her so they do the only thing they can: They get themselves thrown in the garbage too! Ewwwh. Even Doozie doesn't like getting that dirty!

Gemini Award Winner: Best Writing in a Children's Series Gemini Nominee: Best Performance in a Preschool Series; Writers Guild of Canada Nominee: Top Ten Awards

4 A Penny's Worth of Problems Found On VHS, Internet Archive and YouTube.


"Hide and Seek"

"The Clean Machine"

"My Way or The Highway"

"Pretty Strong"

"The Toys That Bind"

ObscureMediaTV's video on the subject.


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