Sennin Buraku (partially lost anime series; 1963-1964)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its apparent “adult” content.

Sennin Buraku.jpg

The remastered DVD box art.

Status: Partially Lost

Sennin Buraku is a black and white anime series based on the four-panel comic strip series of the same name by Kō Kojima. It aired on Fuji TV from September 4, 1963, to February 23, 1964.[1] It was the first title ever animated by the animation studio Tele-cartoon Japan (now known as Eiken), with the more well-known Gigantor following it in the same year.

The series is noteworthy for being (according to MyAnimeList's listings in the 'ecchi' genre) the first ecchi anime ever produced.[2] It was also the first anime to be broadcast in a late-night timeslot aimed at adult audiences.

Unlike a lot of older/black and white anime, most of Sennin Buraku has been preserved due to its legacy, remastered, and released on DVD in Japan. (These DVDs have been ripped to the Internet via torrent files.)[3]

The original opening sequence is missing too. Although the song has been made available in numerous Japanese CD, the video part has never released in home media. In the DVD edition, the short introduction sequence initially used to present the episode title serves as the opening (with the anime title superimposed).

However, there are two episodes which are missing from home video releases due to the original masters being lost: episodes 12 ("Majo no Maki") and 19 ("Sanbiki no Kitsune no Maki").[4] At the time Sennin Buraku originally aired, home recording devices were very much a work in progress, with most models having a very limited run and going for up to $30,000 per unit. As such, it is highly unlikely, though not impossible, that any consumer has a home recording of these episodes.