Super GPS Pac-Man (lost build of cancelled WonderSwan Color maze game; 2001)

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Pacman ws.jpg

A screenshot of gameplay.

Status: Lost

During the Spring 2001 Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Namco showed off three new games for the WonderSwan Color. One of these was a Pac-Man game, titled Super GPS Pac-Man (GPS超!!パックマン). The game would use a new GPS accessory to connect to the NTT DoCoMo Network. It would then convert the user's current location into a maze, with the streets acting as tunnels and moving vehicles in the area acting as ghosts. The gameplay would be the same as a standard Pac-Man game and would feature Pac-Man eating pellets while running away from ghosts.[1]

Both the game and GPS accessory were quietly cancelled, and no trace of either have remained.


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