Paccie (non-existent PlayStation 2 game; 2004)

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Box art of the game.

Status: Non-Existent

Paccie was a maze game supposedly released by infamous European game publisher Phoenix Games for the PlayStation 2 in 2004.[1] The game (like many of the other titles released by Phoenix) remains most infamous today for its box art, which is commonly featured on many "worst video game box art" lists online due to the poor quality of the CGI featured in the image, and the unappealing character design that is an obvious plagiarism of Pac-Man.[2]


Nothing is currently known about the gameplay, though it could be easily inferred from the very similar title and appearance of the character that the game is little more than a Pac-Man ripoff.

Production Status

Very little remains known about this title online, with the frequently shared box art being the only evidence of its existence. This has led many people to question if the game was ever actually made at all, with some theorizing that the box art was a mock-up for a planned but unproduced title, created purely to fill up space in catalogues, or a simple hoax.[3][4][5] This idea is further supported by the overall lack of information available for the game online in comparison to other titles released by Phoenix, with the unconfirmed release date of December 31st, 2004 being the only alleged piece of information to have resurfaced about the game.[6] On July 11th, 2020, YouTuber RetroDetect made a video about Paccie, detailing how it never made it past the concept stage, and that the box art was nothing more than a placeholder.[7] The placeholder box art itself is stolen from a raytracing competition held years before Phoenix Games even existed (then again, Phoenix Games have actually been known for stealing book cover art for their video game covers, among other things).

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