Pac-Man Plus (partially found mobile port of arcade maze game; 2007)

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PPlus splash.gif

Title screen.

Demo Version: Found
Full Version: Lost

Date found: 28 Aug 2022 (Demo)

Found by: ShiroTourmaline and CosmicToons (Demo)

Pac-Man Plus is an arcade maze game released by Bally Midway in 1982, it is an upgrade kit for the original Pac-Man that adds some new features and twists (which includes new bonuses, disappearing mazes and ghosts and faster gameplay speed). In 2007, Namco Networks ported the game to mobile devices, and according to the partially broken archive of the Namco Games website, it was exclusive to Sprint and Boost Mobile users, though since the archive of the website is from 2008 (and there have been versions of the website after 2008), odds are it could've expanded. This release features even more new twists than the original game and has some very noticeable changes. A demo of this port has also been preloaded on only 3 Sprint devices, these being the Samsung SPH-M800 Instinct, Samsung SPH-M540 Rant, and LG LX290. As of recently all 3 demos have been dumped.


This port of Pac-Man Plus, while retaining many of the gameplay twists from the arcade version (such as the invisible ghosts and mazes), also adds some new features and changes, these being new detailed graphics, new maze colors, new intermission themes (based on Pac & Pal), the ghost that matches the maze color being immune to power pellets, and the effects of the bonus fruit being dependent on the level. The gameplay speed also matches that of the original Pac-Man.

The port also includes a fully playable demo of the original Pac-Man


On August 28th, 2022, two demo builds of the game were uploaded to the Internet Archive by user ShiroTourmaline. They were obtained by extracting the game data from the firmware of the Samsung phones they were preinstalled into.

On February 16th, 2024, the LG LX290 demo was dumped and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user CosmicToons after obtaining the phone with the demo.


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