The Legend of Spyro 3D (found production material of cancelled CGI animated film based on video game series; 2007-2011)

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Teaser poster of The Legend of Spyro 3D.

Status: Found

Date found: 02 Jun 2022

Found by: YoshiKiller2S

The Legend of Spyro 3D was a planned CGI animated film adaptation of the Spyro the Dragon video game franchise, based on the game trilogy The Legend of Spyro. It was to be produced by Universal Animation Studios and had a set release date of December 2009. It was later pushed back to April 10th, 2010, before being cancelled completely in 2011. Information on the plot of the film has surfaced online, along with a teaser poster, however, no footage from the film has ever made its way to the public.


In October of 2007, The Animation Picture Company obtained the film rights for the Spyro series from Activision, with Daniel and Steven Altiere writing the script.[1] John Davis, Dan Chuba, Brain Manis, and Ash Shah were to produce the film, with Mark A.Z. Dippe set as both the director and producer. Velvet Octopus would’ve done advertising for the film and distributed it alongside Universal Pictures.[2]


First Plot

The film would’ve opened with The Dark Master, the villain of the film, using his forces to destroy a temple housing a dragon egg. The egg is prophesied to stop him from conquering the world and is an extremely rare purple type born every ten generations. Ignitus, an egg guardian, saves the egg of the unborn dragon and lets it drift downriver, hoping for its survival. This egg is Spyro, which was discovered by a family of dragonflies. One day, following the aftermath of an attack by unknown forces, Spyro finds out he is adopted. He leaves his home, in search of his true origins. Accompanying him is his friend Sparx, a young dragonfly. Throughout their journey, the duo rescues other dragons and tries their best to defeat the deadly Dark Master. They also meet Cynder, a powerful black dragon with a red crystal around her neck that enslaves her to do the Dark Masters' bidding. After acquiring new skills, Spyro finally learns the real identity behind Cynder. He destroys the red crystal, freeing Cynder and releasing the dead from their enslavement of the Dark Master. Thus, restoring order to the world without the cost of his spirit.[3]

Second Plot

A very special dragon's egg is being guarded by Ignitus. However, it's being hunted and is no longer safe. Ignitus hands the precious egg over to a woodland full of Dragonflies to keep. Knowing these creatures are peaceful and more importantly hard to find, Ignitus calls on an allegiance from their distant ancestry. The Dragonflies will protect the egg and raise the dragon as their own.

Brought up alongside Sparx, Spyro is led to believe that he himself is a dragonfly who just happens to be slightly bigger and purpler than the other dragonflies.

Until... one day the village is attacked and Spyro has been found. Instinctively using his unknown powers, Spyro realizes just how different he is. Confused and upset, he learns that he is not a dragonfly, but a dragon who is part of a great prophecy that will bring peace to all the land.

Spyro, along with his trusty sidekick Sparx pursue this epic adventure and attempt the impossible; the demise of the deadly Dark Master. However, between them stands Cynder, a very powerful black dragon powered by the red crystal around her neck, which enslaves her to the Dark Master. Eventually though, good prevails over evil and Spyro manages to overcome Cynders' powers and destroy the red crystal. The destruction of the crystal releases all the dead from the Dark Master’s enslavement and everyone rejoices.

All seems well, as Spyro becomes a hero for saving all dragonkind. However, lurking in the far distance we spy a swirl of clouds… and inside of it, two pulsing red eyes. The story continues...[4]


Though it was scheduled for a Christmas 2009 release in the U.S. and Canada, the film was later delayed to April 2010. During that period, no news of the film surfaced, and when April 2010 came, there was still no sign of the film. It was later revealed that same month that the film was scrapped due to Activision planning to take Spyro in another direction, which came in the form of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, later released in 2011.[5]

Found Script

For years the teaser poster was the only material from the film that surfaced online until June 2nd, 2022 when LMW user YoshiKiller2S found and uploaded the film's script online.[6]


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