The Mid-Majority (partially lost basketball blog; 2004-2014)

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Mid majority mascot.jpg

The blog's mascot.

Status: Partially Lost

The Mid-Majority was a popular college basketball blog that was active from 2004 to 2014. Kyle Whelliston, the proprietor of the site, announced that the site would be shuttered March 31, 2014, and all content would be deleted, in addition to the site's associated Twitter feed. The reason this was done, per Kyle Whelliston's final post and preserved by Timothy Burke on a comment he made on the story he wrote about the site's closure on Deadspin, was:

"We've lost the precious feeling of scarcity. With everything so available everywhere anytime we want, and so easily replicate, anticipation and appreciation are the primary casualties. In digital 2014, there are so few remaining opportunities to have a tiny analog moment all your own, to discover something small, to place and protect it in your heart. Love carries with it an undercurrent of pain. Your beloved might disappear forever, so you must cherish it.

"Our final act is to make ourselves scarce."

Among the writing found on The Mid-Majority included a post about ESPN's firing of Whelliston in 2009, as mentioned on Awful Announcing.

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