The New York Centerfold Massacre (partially lost horror film; 1985)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


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Status: Partially Lost

The New York Centerfold Massacre is a short 1985 horror film released through Carlson International, and was directed by Louis Ferriol. The movie never saw a theatrical release nor was it ever sold in stores. The only way to obtain a copy was through an exclusive mail ordering service ran by Macabre Video Underground. Due to errors both on-set and in the final cut, large portions of the film were deleted, while the remainder was lost during a fire.


Models in Centerfold, New York, are being slaughtered by an overprotective Christian mother with a potato sack over her head. Her methods contain chugging acid down their throats, knocking them out with a tripod, and shining flashing lights at their faces. The police are under investigation, finding the one responsible for the grizzly murders.


Half of the footage for The New York Centerfold Massacre has never been released as it was accidentally deleted during production as well as being deleted from the final cut. In an interview with the director Lou Ferroli in regards to the deleted footage, he stated:

"The best footage of NYCM was lost not in the fire, but on the set as a crew member put in a recorded shoot tape as a blank, and so the best slasher scenes with a couple of great buxomy models were erased...and these models really were centerfolds. I couldn't afford to bring them back for another shooting day."[1]

All of the master copies of The New York Centerfold Massacre were destroyed when a warehouse that stored the master copies caught on fire.[2] As of now, new webcam footage was spliced in the first few minutes of the movie.


The New York Centerfold Massacre

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