Tiger Child (partially found IMAX documentary short film; 1970)

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A promotional image for the film featuring a picture of the Fuji Group Pavilion in the center.

Status: Lost

Tiger Child is a 1970 documentary short film directed by Donald Brittain. Per the official synopsis, "through the use of multi-image compositions and giant IMAX format full-frame shots, Tiger Child expresses a poetic vision of civilization at the dawn of the 1970s, filmed on locations around the world as a travelogue of the human spirit."[1] It was the first film shot in IMAX, a film format developed in Canada in the late 1960s that uses huge screens of 18 by 24 meters (59 by 79 feet) in a unique 70/15 aspect ratio.

Due to it thus requiring purpose-built theatres and a specialized projection system, Tiger Child was only ever shown over a span of 7 months at the Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan, where it premiered on March 15th, 1970.[2] The film was screened at the Fuji Group Pavilion, where guests would watch the film from a rotating central platform as it played on a continuous loop.[3] Despite the film's importance to the history of IMAX, which has since opened theatres across North America, Tiger Child has not been rereleased since, and little is known about it.

Production details

  • Run Time: 17 minutes[2][1][4]
  • Distributor: IMAX Corporation[4]
  • Production Company: Asuka Productions Inc.[4]
  • Producers: Roman Kroitor, Kiichi Ichikawa[1][4]
  • Director: Donald Brittain[1][4]
  • Screenwriter: Donald Brittain[1][4]
  • Cinematographer: George Dufaux[1][4]
  • Music by: Toshiro Mayuzumi, Gordon Lightfoot[1][4]
  • Editor: Fusako Shuzui[1][4]
  • 2nd Unit Directors: Paul Saltzman, Guy Dufaux[4]
  • Production Manager: Paul Saltzman[4]
  • Researcher: Paul Saltzman[4]