Transformers Victory (partially lost clip show episodes of Japanese anime show; 1989-1990)

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The show's Japanese title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory (戦え!超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマーV Tatakae! Chō Robot Seimeitai Transformers Victory), also referred simply to Transformers Victory, was the last Japanese anime show that was part of the "Generation 1" family of Transformers cartoons and media. It originally aired on Japanese television from March 14th, 1989, to December 19th, 1989, for 38 episodes. Several years later in 1991, the show would be dubbed into English by Hong Kong company Omni Productions, who also dubbed Victory's two predecessors: Transformers: The Headmasters (1987-1988) and Transformers: Super God Masterforce (1988-1989).

During the course of the show's original run, six clip show episodes were produced, retelling the events of a certain batch of episodes. These six clip shows would be dubbed into English alongside the rest of the series by Omni Productions.[1][2]

These clip shows would not see an international release until Shout! Factory released the series on DVD in North America in 2012. The Omni dub versions of these episodes were omitted from the release, as were all the dub versions of the show.

In addition, six more clip shows for Victory were produced and released exclusively for Japanese home video and never saw official releases outside of Japan. The only re-release of these particular clip shows is the 2003 Japanese DVD release of the series by Pioneer LDC.[3]


Episode Status

Episode Title Japanese Status Omni Dub Status
"Clash!! Two Great Heroes" (激突!! 二大英雄) Lost Found
"Move Out!! Breastforce" (出撃!! ブレストフォース ) Lost Found
"Assemble! Combiner Warriors" (勢揃い! 合体戦士) Lost Found
"Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots" (絶体絶命!! サイバトロン) Lost Found
"The Strongest! Victory Saber" (最強! ビクトリーセイバー) Lost Found
"Autobots Forever" (サイバトロンは永遠に) Lost Found

Japanese Home Video Exclusive Episode Status

Episode Title Status
"Radiant! Victorious Planet" (輝け! 勝利の星) Lost
"The Emperor of Destruction Wins!" (破壊大帝に勝て!) Found
"SOS! Global Defense Directive" (SOS! 地球防衛指令) Found
"Micromasters!" (マイクロトランスフォーマー!) Found
"Victory Attack of Friendship!" (友情のビクトリーアタック!) Found
"Echo Across the Galaxy! Bell of Love!!" (銀河にひびけ! 愛の鐘!!) Found


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