Turkey Tom (partially found removed videos; 2016-2018)

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Turkey Tom's current YouTube profile picture.

Status: Partially Found

Turkey Tom is a commentary YouTube channel that was created on July 11, 2015. He started YouTube posting animations and is now more well-known for his "The Problem With" commentary videos.

Removed Videos 2016-2017

In 2016, Tom created a series by the name of "Animated Tales", a series of Storytime animations. However, in early 2017, all of his "Animated Tales" videos were removed from his channel, with none being re-uploaded.

By 2017, Tom shifted his content to commentary videos. With Tom frequently deleting old videos out of growing to dislike them, many of his oldest commentary videos were removed, including several videos in his "The Problems With" series (The Problems With Creepypastas and The Problems With Kavos (Original)). Additionally, most of his videos before his "The Problem With" series have since been deleted, with no reuploads available.

Removed Videos 2018

Turkey Tom removed two videos he created in 2018, both of which were created back-to-back. These videos were Busting Digibro/Otaku Gonzo Journalism: The Worst Anime Reviewer (And Creep) on YouTube and The Problems with The Mysterious Mr. Enter: How Not to Start an Indegogo Cartoon (+PieGuyRulz, EPZP)

Both of these videos sparked fierce criticism. Many found his Mr. Enter video to be too vitriolic, as Tom had harshly attacked his Indiegogo cartoon Growing Around, frequently called him untalented, and made pedophilia jokes about him, the latter of which was misinterpreted by many as Tom accusing Mr. Enter of being a pedophile (including Mr. Enter himself).

"Busting Digibro" was condemned for Turkey Tom's allegations that Digibro (now known as Beatrice the Golden Witch) was a pedophile, due to her taste in lolicon anime porn. Beatrice responded to his video a few hours after being published, and Turkey Tom ultimately removed both videos. Both videos have since been reuploaded.


The Problems With Twitch.


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