4th World Meeting of Families (lost Philippine interstitial for Catholic gatherings; 2002)

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Status: Lost


This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its mentions of abuse.

The World Meeting of Families is a gathering of the Roman Catholic Church that has occurred every three years since 1994.[1][2][3][4] It is organized by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, which "promotes the pastoral care of families, protects their rights and dignity in the Church and in civil society, so that they may ever be more able to fulfill their duties."[5][6] It is the biggest gathering of Catholic families in the world.


The 4th World Meeting of Families was held on January 22-26, 2003.[7] Pope John Paul II made an address about the meeting.[8]

It is said that the radio interstitial concludes with the statement "...January 22 to 26, 2003, love begins with your family". In TV interstitial, it ends with the black screen and the logo of 4th World Meeting of Families with the above-mentioned date.[9]

The TV and radio ads are known for their unsettling plot featuring domestic abuse.


"Domestic Violence"

The interstitials presenting the sound of the footsteps with the male voice-over saying "this is the sound of the steps of shoes made by Italian leather," followed by the mother crying after being slapped with a shoe with the male VO saying "this is the sound of your mother who is a victim of domestic violence."[9]

"Frere Jacques"

In another variant, we hear a child singing Frere Jacques then after a while she suddenly cried while singing about her family, who begs for the food, suggesting that the parents of a child either abandoned or has separated him.[9]

"Leather Belt"

In another variant, a child and a woman is repeatedly being whipped by a belt as the child says, "TAMA NA!" (STOP IT!)[10]

"Heating Point of Iron"

In a third variant, it starts with a dark background with a humming generator noise. A white text talks about the heating point of iron. The text disappears and shows how long is iron heated to a certain temperature. Text disappears again, but shows something not related to iron's scientific properties.

The text and humming noise abrubtly disappears as something is hit and someone screaming in pain. At the end of the scream, a new text appears and a creepy music box plays. Text keeps changing until the end of the PSA and the logo appeared at the end of the tune of the music box.

There are two versions in this variant: a man screaming and a woman screaming.[11]


The interstitial was aired both on TV and radio on late 2002, with one viewer claimed that he heard it on 93.5 Campus Radio Iloilo (now Barangay FM). The interstitial is currently lost. One of the variants aired in GMA's Unang Hirit. It is said that there was a promotional poster of it at Mother of Divine Providence Parish in Payatas A., Quezon City.[9][12]

All variants are known to be lost.