ABS-CBN Worldwide Celebration of the New Millennium (partially found Filipino millennium new year countdown; 1999)

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Status: Partially Found

The ABS-CBN Worldwide Celebration of the New Millennium is a Filipino television special by ABS-CBN that broadcast the countdown to the millennium 2000. Being localized with millennium footage from Luneta, Quezon Memorial Circle, The Fort, and provinces throughout the archipelago. Officially partnered with Millennium Live, but after it was cancelled, ABS-CBN ventured into local programming.[1] ABS-CBN also partnered with Studio 23's millennium special (titled Studio 23 Humanity Broadcast) along with CNN, Reuters, and other TV networks in the world.[2]

Info[edit | edit source]

The live coverage began at 8 pm and said to be 24 hours. Balitang K was aired at 5 pm with it the "last sunset of the millennium" was broadcasted. TV Patrol Special Edition was then aired afterwards with Noli De Castro anchoring it. Updates on millennium preparations anchored by Dong Puno and Korina Sanchez.[3]

The live coverage consists of the footage from Luneta, The Fort, and Quezon Memorial Circle. It is also known that millennium footage and news from other provinces of the archipelago were aired (one of which is Expo Filipino on Clark, Pampanga), with additional news on other countries.

There is a millennium message from then-president Joseph Estrada, a minute of prayer by kids, Philippines' first millennium sunrise on Pusan Point in Davao, Thanksgiving mass, and Magandang Tanghali, Bayan coverage of the millennium that said to have aired the millennium countdown on Times Square, New York and with hourly updates until afternoon.

A few minutes after the millennium, ABS-CBN rebranded themselves with a new station ID and a new logo.[4]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The promo was found by Diego Keyser on December 2020[5] while several footage of the special exists on the internet. The short station ID was uploaded by PinoyJournalist in 2016,[6] while the full logo reveal was uploaded by Jojo Bailon in April 2020.

No full coverage of ABS-CBN's special resurfaced on the internet, albeit several photos were uploaded on a FB page.

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Footage of ABS-CBN's millennium special.
ABS-CBN's logo reveal, reuploaded on YouTube.
Promo of the special from November 1999.
Short version of the Station ID.

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