Aigina's Prophecy (lost build of cancelled US localization of Famicom platformer; 1988)

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Aigina's Prophecy.jpg

Localized title screen

Status: Lost

Aigina's Prophecy is a US localized version of the game Aigina no Yogen released by Vic Tokai in 1986 for Family Computer.

The game was ported and released on the Commodore 64 in 1988 for the US and Europe. There were plans to release it on the NES around the same time, but it was never featured heavily in magazines or advertisements, only appearing on Play It Again and comig soon lists[1], and was never finally released.


On September 9, 2017, a person named TheZodiac111 had a prototype ROM and uploaded a playing footage to YouTube. It is believed that he is still in possession of the ROM, but it has not surfaced online.


Prototype playing footage by TheZodiac111

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