Air Master (lost unreleased English dub episodes of anime series; existence unconfirmed; 2005)

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Air Master DVD Volume 1.jpg

Artwork from the show's first DVD release.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Air Master is a Japanese animated adaptation of Yokusaru Shibata's 1996 – 2006 manga of the same name. Produced by Toei Animation, the series ran for 27 episodes on Nippon TV between April and October 2003.

In November 2004, Toei Animation USA announced a partnership with Geneon Entertainment to release multiple series, including Air Master, on DVD.[1] Every production featured an English dub produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment in Toronto, Canada. The first two volumes saw release the following March, with the third volume hitting store shelves in May. A fourth and fifth DVD were also solicited for release, but never saw publication. In June 2005, it was announced that the series would air on RazerTV in Canada, but that ultimately did not happen.[2] Toei and Geneon dissolved their relationship in September 2006, leaving 15 episodes of the series unreleased.[3] In a 2009 interview with Anime News Network, former Geneon employee Chad Kime criticized the partnership, from the expenses Geneon took on, to the authoring quality of Toei's DVDs and admitted it lost them money.[4]

According to the dub's casting director, Joanne Boreham, all 27 episodes of the series were recorded in English.[5] Toei has released Air Master onto multiple digital platforms in the years since, but solely in Japanese with English subtitles.

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