Kanon (lost unreleased English dub of 2002 anime series; existence unconfirmed; 2005)

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Key art from Toei Animation's Kanon series.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

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Kanon is a Japanese animated adaptation of Key's 1999 visual novel of the same name. Produced by Toei Animation, the series ran for 13 episodes on Fuji TV between January and March 2002. A direct-to-video follow-up episode was released the following March. The visual novel was later given a second, standalone adaptation by Kyoto Animation that aired between October 2006 and March 2007. This version saw an English-language released by ADV Films in 2008.

In November 2004, Toei Animation USA announced a partnership with Geneon Entertainment to release Air Master, Interlude and Slam Dunk on DVD.[1] Every production featured an English dub produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment in Toronto, Canada. Casting director Joanne Boreham worked on those shows. Her website includes imagery from Key's Kanon adaptation, though given her work on other shows from the company, she likely has it confused for Toei's.[2] When asked, she did not recall much beyond it being a shorter production. The series was never announced for an English language release. Toei and Geneon dissolved their relationship in September 2006.[3] In a 2009 interview with Anime News Network, former Geneon employee Chad Kime criticized the partnership, from the expenses Geneon took on, to the authoring quality of Toei's DVDs and admitted it lost them money.[4]

It is unlikely the dub will ever be officially released. Toei's adaptation of Kanon hasn't officially been available in Japan since Kyoto Animation's adaptation debuted.

See Also

  • Slam Dunk - The flagship title of Toei's partnership with Geneon saw only 20 of its reported 60 dubbed episodes released.
  • Air Master - Another title from Geneon and Toei only saw 12 of its 27 episodes released.


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