All's Fair (found CBS sitcom series; 1976-1977)

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Richard Crenna Bernadette Peters Alls Fair 1977.JPG

Richard Crenna and Bernadette Peters in the show.

Status: Found

Date found: 2020

Found by: CTV Television Network

All's Fair is a sitcom that aired for 24 episodes on Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. EDT between September 20th, 1976, to April 30th, 1977 on CBS.[1] The show was produced by Norman Lear through TAT Communications and was given $150,000 (About $676,000 adjusted for inflation as of September 2019) by CBS for production costs.[2][3] The show was notable for making political comedy that appealed to both Conservative and Liberal minded individuals, especially through its accurate portrayal of those political mindsets.[4][5] The show was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance By An Actress in a Television Series.[6]


The series is set in Washington, D.C. where 49-year-old senator Richard Barrington (Richard Crenna) has been having a three-year affair on his wife with his literary agent (Salome Jens). While meeting with her, 23-year-old photographer Charley Duke (Bernadette Peters) snaps photos of the two together for the New York Times. Upon finding out everything, Barrington calls the Times and leaves a subtle cryptic message, which brings Duke back to his place, where she becomes attracted to his physique and character. Despite frequent arguments concerning current events, topical concerns, and the generation gap, Richard and Charley stayed together, much to the amusement of their friends and co-workers.[7]


The opening credits of the show are the only video from the series that has made its way online. A watermarked copy of the script for the episode Happy Anniversary Part I has made its way online as well through a reading group blog post.[8] Multiple episodes of the series are held at the Paley Center for Media, though they are limited to in-library screenings due to copyright concerns.[9] Two scripts for the series are also held in the UCLA's Library Special Collections.[10]

The series has since been streaming in its entirety on the Canadian network CTV Television Network's streaming service.[11] The series has also been uploaded on the Internet Archive by LMW user Comedyfan74.[12]


The opening credits.

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