Anthony Fantano/The Needle Drop "prank" clips (partially found YouTube videos; 2010s)

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Anthony Fantano/The Needle Drop (prank videos)
Anthony Fantano as Cal Chuchesta.
Anthony Fantano as Cal Chuchesta.
Status Partially Found

Anthony Fantano (also known under his moniker "The Needle Drop") is an internet critic who specializes in reviewing underground music. He is also known for pulling pranks on his fans but keeps a more serious demeanor for his actual reviews. He has a roommate named Cal Chuchesta (played by Fantano himself) who embodies every negative stereotype about music fans.

In mid-2010, a video was posted by The Rock It Out Blog (which has a close partnership with The Needle Drop) that depicted Anthony as Cal and the blog's host depicting Scott Stapp. Lead singer of the American rock band, Creed. The video was poorly edited and sequenced for comedic value by Fantano. It used inappropriate music, improperly placed text, terrible special effects, and awkwardly paced humor.

The video was credited as having been made by Chuchesta. Fans claim to have seen several different videos of this nature posted on Fantano's YouTube channel. They contain the same editing style, only reportedly more exaggerated. Fans compared the style of the videos to that of a YouTube Poop and most thought that they were being trolled. The funny thing was, they were right. Fantano would then remove the videos in a matter of a of hours.

Aside from the Scott Stapp video, all of Fantano’s other prank videos are missing. Since the videos were removed so quickly, fans never got the chance to make mirrors or save a copy. Many people claimed that these videos don't exist, but many fans have claimed to have seen them. There has to be some validity behind it. Most of the time Anthony just shrugs his shoulders saying he doesn't know what fans are talking about. A few fans have reportedly gotten him to respond, with him apologizing for the videos, claiming that his stupid roommate made them and uploaded them. For whatever reason, he no longer makes videos of this nature.


The surviving Scott Stapp joke video.

Another Prank Video.




Anonymous user #1

17 months ago
Score 1
Regarding Fantano no longer making this type of video: It's very normal for a YouTuber's style and sense of humor to shift and change over the years, and I imagine that these prank videos are something he no longer enjoys doing or no longer finds funny. He seems very dedicated to the two-person gag ruse, though.

Anonymous user #2

15 months ago
Score 2
He makes videos very similar to this now on his other show, The Meme Review.

Anonymous user #3

2 months ago
Score 0
Do we have a list of other prankvideo names?

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