Atlético Madrid 1-1 Real Madrid (lost footage of El Derbi Madrileño La Liga football match; 1958)

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The 1957-58 Real Madrid squad.

Status: Lost

On April 27th, 1958, Atlético Madrid hosted El Derbi Madrileño rivals Real Madrid for a 1957-58 La Liga football match at the Estadio Metropolitano de Madrid. The result was a 1-1 draw, enabling the visitors to win their sixth La Liga title. From a television standpoint, the encounter was the first football match to be televised live in Spain.


El Derbi Madrileño (The Madrid Derby) dates back to December 1906, and is generally considered the second biggest clash in Spain behind only El Clásico, which is between Real Madrid and Barcelona.[1] Nevertheless, for the Madrid sides, El Derbi Madrileño is often deemed more special due to the teams' geographical proximity, with Los Blancos legend Alfredo Di Stéfano stating "The team we wanted to beat, at all costs, was the neighbors. Losing meant our fans had to suffer jokes from the next day in the office, the bar, and the street."[1]

Heading into the Madrid sides' match on 27th April 1958, only two games of the La Liga season were remaining.[2] The visitors required just a point to clinch their sixth La Liga title, with the home side being three points behind prior to the game and with wins only resulting in two points being scored.[3][2] Earlier in the season, on 22nd December 1957, the clubs played to a 0-0 draw at Real's Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.[4]

However, in the first half of the second game, the hosts were able to break the deadlock thanks to a 38 minute goal from Friedrich Hollaus.[5][3] Atlético were able to maintain their lead until the 76th minute, when Héctor Rial scored the equaliser.[3][5] Ultimately, neither side would score again, allowing Real Madrid to clinch its sixth La Liga title, having been unbeaten at home.[3][5][2]

TVE Broadcast

The match is known to have been the first to be televised live.[6][7] TVE had aired the first recorded match in Spain on 24th October 1954, which saw Real Madrid beat Racing Santander 3-0.[7] Additionally, due to limitations of its production studios, TVE had been broadcasting various matches when Spanish television was truly launched in October 1956, including the 1957 European Cup Final between Real Madrid and Fiorentina.[6][7] The European Cup Final broadcast was the first to harness a PYE mobile unit from England, which contained three orthicon cameras.[7]

The technology would be harnessed for Spanish football's first live broadcast.[7] The PYE unit would be connected to TVE's Paseo de la Habana studios via a satellite dish with a microwave link, this dish located on a building not far from the Estadio Metropolitano de Madrid.[7] The broadcast was ultimately deemed a success, which enabled TVE to regularly show sports as part of its programming, including the Copa del Rey Final.[7] Later, the first El Clasico would be televised on 15th February 1959,[7][6] while in modern times, all La Liga matches are now televised live.[8]


Considering that earlier matches, including the 1957 European Cup Final, were recorded,[7][6] it is likely that this encounter receive the same treatment. As of the present day, however, no footage of the match is currently publicly available. While Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) has kept an archive of programs broadcast on TVE1 and TVE2, its collection dates back only to the 1960s, making it extremely unlikely a 1958 broadcast would be accessible from it.[9]

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