Atomic3D (partially found 3D web plugin content from website; 1996-2012)

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A screenshot from The Interrogation, one of the animations made for the Atomic3D webpage.

Status: Partially Found

Atomic3D was a website launched in 1996 by company Nucleus Interactive, the website was updated until 2006 and was closed around 2012. It was mostly known for their adult stand-up comedy joke web series Filthy 3D Jokeman, featuring the voice of Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling. There were also Bill Clinton, David Letterman and Mötley Crüe animations.

Proton Pro

Atomic3D's animation creating software was called Proton Pro (there's also another version called Proton Lite, which is lost) and its been said that it doesn't require memory, the program was paid and cost around $1000. In the program, the project files were called "Sequences" (.seq) which you can then pack them for viewing on Neutron Viewer (more info on that later), the models were called "Art Groups" (.agp), that can be turned into read-only files that can't be used in Proton Pro, there are also Art Group Templates (.agt). In 1998 it was renamed to Atomic3D Animator.


Atomic3D's animation viewing software was called Neutron which needed internet connection in order to download the Packed Sequences and Art Groups required in order to watch them, the file format used for Neutron Viewer was called .fmf (which stands for Feature Master File). In 1998 it was renamed to Atomic3D Player and it became a web plug-in that reads Packed Sequences.


Before watching .fmf files in Neutron linked to your own website, you'll need a animation licensing program called Electron, not much is known about it since Electron's lost media.


Some Feature Master Files, Packed Sequences, Art Groups and its Templates can be found here, there can sometimes be animations with all Art Groups lost. Proton can be found here and Neutron and Atomic3D Player here, some animations are uploaded to youtube, they can be found here.