Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos (found cancelled Australian mid-aired comedy TV special; 1992)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sexually explicit matter.


The show's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 28 Aug 2008

Found by: Nine Network

Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos is an Australian television special showing videos that were deemed too sexually explicit to air on Australia's Funniest Home Video Show. Airing just once on September 3rd, 1992, the episode was cancelled while airing and was considered lost for another 16 years until shown again in August 2008 also on Nine Network.


Australia's Funniest Home Video Show premiered in 1990, and was similar in concept to the television show America's Funniest Home Videos; viewers would send in funny home videos, and the video deemed the "funniest" by the studio audience was awarded a prize at the end of the show. The producers often received racy or risqué videos that couldn't be included in the program due to its family-friendly nature; however, since the show's policy was that videos sent in were then the show's property, the rowdiest ones were compiled in an adult one-off special.


The special followed the same as the SFW version, in which the videos were shown, accompanied by Mulray making jokes about what was shown. Mulray also did voiceovers on this version as well.

Some of the content of the videos that were shown in the special included shots of animal genitals, humans or animals humorously engaging in sexual acts, people being unclothed, and other situations that often relied on simply dry humour, such as a child grabbing a kangaroo's testicles, a man lifting a barbell with his "Weiner", a man getting his head squeezed between a dancer's large breasts, an elderly woman removing an envelope from a stripper's undergarments with her false teeth, people running into water with flaming pieces of toilet paper hanging from their butt, and having sex in the middle of a park.


At dinner, the former owner of Nine Kerry Packer was informed of the special, and the content in it. He started watching it, and was so offended by it that he picked up a phone, called the studio operators and said angrily: "Get that shit off the air!" The special was cancelled after he said this while running, and was replaced with Cheers for the rest of the time it was supposed to air in.[1] In different parts of Australia, the program displayed a different message depending on the area it was airing in. In Melbourne and Brisbane, the station simply started airing an episode of Cheers after a scheduled commercial break. The show didn't air at all in the Western parts of Australia, showing the Nine Network screen and going to Cheers immediately.[2] While the special brought high ratings, many people were confused and annoyed that the special wasn't going to air. Nine had many phone calls from viewers, complaining about the abrupt cancellation.


One week before the 16th year after the original airing, Nine aired the special again at 8:30 PM, the same timeslot as the original 1992 broadcast. Due to standards being different in 1992, some of Mulray's jokes were cut. Some examples of this are him joking about obesity in minors, and a joke about someone's Indian accent. Nine promoted the special as "the show Kerry Packer didn't want you to see", and recorded commentary by Bert Newton. As an homage to the 1992 airing, the Channel Nine bumper and "technical difficulties" announcement was relayed 36 minutes in, cutting to the Cheers opening credits before resuming to a monologue and the rest of the broadcast. It is often credited with the fastest cancellation of any show, airing only 60% before being pulled.



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