Baby Bottleneck (lost deleted scene from Looney Tunes short; 1946)

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Baby Bottleneck.png

A still from what's left of the missing scene.

Status: Lost

Baby Bottleneck is a 1946 Looney Tunes cartoon released by Warner Brothers Cartoons, which was directed by Bob Clampett. In the cartoon, storks get overworked from delivering babies and Porky helps to deliver babies as the babies keep being delivered to the wrong parents.[1] One scene, however, has an abrupt cut.

The Scene in Question

There is a scene where a baby crocodile was delivered to a mother pig breastfeeding her young. The baby crocodile tries to drink the mother's breast milk but is stopped by the mother pig. The camera zooms in on the two but then abruptly cuts to the next scene. According to Bob Clampett (the director), the mother pig was originally going to say "Ah, ah, ah, don't touch that dial!" which was a phrase used in radio back in the day.[2]

The scene was removed because it was considered too suggestive by the Hays Office censors as it was referring to the nipples of the mother pig. It was believed that it was removed when the cartoon was reissued under the blue ribbon series along with the original title card. However, when the cartoon was restored in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2 in 2004 with the original title card intact, the scene was still missing with many people believing it to be lost. It is unknown where the scene is or if the scene was ever preserved.


The scene with the abrupt cut.